Sanket Bhansali

a young multi-faceted Indian design entrepreneur exploring the spheres of lifestyle

The Founders STORY

Studying furniture design in London, he was enamoured by the world of fashion while interning at Zaha Hadid Architects, which led to a curiosity taking him back to India to meditate over a future course. During a six-month break, he created a fashion collection which was picked as India's first entry at the Graduate Fashion Week London, where he was awarded a scholarship to further study fashion at Istituto Marangoni in Milan.

Coming to the fashion capital, he recognised and evolved his sensibility and further fine-tuned it with stints at Giambattista Valli and Armani until finally deciding to return to India to start something of his own.

Maneuvering the luxury design landscape in his career in India, he started consulting a vast number of global brands that manufacture in india where he recognised the opportunity in creating an accessible sustainable fashion brand from India that caters to the dynamic global citizen, just like himself that led to the genesis of Bougainvillea.

An effort in marrying Indian textile heritage with global aesthetic, Bougainvillea is a personal ambition to make a modern sustainable fashion brand available and accessible to the majority of evolving India whilst offering the world a new alternative and becoming a global fashion powerhouse.

A firm believer in rising by lifting others, Sanket is actively involved with numerous organisations working towards that encourages financial upliftment through employment at the grassroots level and realising the urgent desire to build a sustainable present to ensure there is a future for generations to come.

We look forward to you joining our Bougainvillea family!

The Bougainvillea Life 

At Bougainvillea, we craft and retail responsibly made clothing for conscious living. Just as our namesake, the flower Bougainvillea, we are global, unassuming and relatable in spirit. We consciously choose to push towards sustainability and longevity in terms of the material and design that will last beyond trends and seasons.

All our natural fabrics come from an environment that respects the planet, working directly with craftsmen to ensure their maximum benefit. We aspire to create a distinct glocal aesthetic in line with our guiding principle: MADE IN INDIA, MADE FOR THE WORLD!

Our entire team works in a happy, well-lit space and earns fair wages. We encourage our team to enhance their skills and career growth, being careful about their physical and mental health. We choose to be ethical, fair and responsible in all our practices. We aim to make sustainability mainstream by making it accessible, practical and feasible.

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